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My Tado arrived about a week ago but due to work and family commitments I’ve only just got round to installing it.

The first thing to say is the Tado website is very easy to use (with one exception) and made choosing the parts needed an easy job.

I needed a Tado smart thermostat and extension pack at it was replacing a wireless thermostat.

The Tado website give simple step by step instructions and the components are checked over the Internet to make sure they are installed correctly.

The install process was very simple. Firstly I installed the bridge which links the other parts to the Internet. This is where the only difficulty occurred. You should just plug the bridge into your router and it will be seen over the Internet. However the router didn’t detect the bridge and the installation guide on the Internet just kept looking for the bridge. A quick Google showed that this has been a problem for at least one other. The problem wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and after turning the bridge off and on again about 5 times the bridge was recognised by the router.
My only suggestion would be that the Tado install guide should tell you to turn the bridge off and on till it is recognised by the router.

Once the bridge was installed the extension pack was next. This was installed next to the boiler and the wiring was made simple by the excellent online instructions.

After the extension pack the Smart thermostat was installed and replaced the existing one.

The final step was to install the app our phones to allow Tado to adjust the temperature depending on location.

The location sensor is very accurate and I needed to slightly tweak the location of our house in the settings via the website as the system thought we were next door when we were in the house.

As you can see we are both out and Tado is dropping the temperature.

I’ll update the blog with my thoughts on the system.