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    Green Power Technology

    Solar is the answer to everyone's questions

    In the UK alone £9.5 billion per year of energy is wasted. We need to take matters into our own hands and start to make a change.

    Energy bills have risen by 40% in five years, taking average UK household costs up to a record of £2,707 a year. But what are you doing to combat this?

    By installing Solar Panels you can reduce your reliance on the Grid & generate free electricity for a minimum of 20 years! What's stopping you from going solar?

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    We provide knowledgeable and trustworthy advice on renewable energy

    Greenpower Technology provides quality renewable energy installations for your business, farm or home.

    We are an independent organisation with a proven track record offering a full range of renewable technologies at competitive prices.

    Our emphasis is on quality. Quality of products, quality of service, quality of advice.

    At Greenpower we know all about green power. We offer advice on how to best maximise the potential of renewable energy. We can help you combine complementary technologies, to ensure energy generation throughout the year.

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    Grid Trade Incentives in 2021

    Find out about the new grid trade tariffs being offered by energy suppliers in the UK.

    Grid trade incentives are now being offered for UK homeowners looking to install solar panels. Grid trade income is even more lucrative than the previous Government feed in tariffs.

    Start Grid Trading

    Green Power Technology are pioneering the Solar Industry

    Take advantage of the Grid Trade incentive

    Grid Trading Technology

    How it works?

    Generate free Energy

    Use your solar panels to generate your energy

    Store your Energy

    Use batteries to store your solar energy

    Trade your Energy

    Sell the energy you generate back to the grid

    Solar Power, Battery Storage & Grid Trading: Earn & save up to £38,000

    Clean, Green renewable energy for your home

    Greenpower Technology is a renewable energy company based in the UK. We can help you reduce your energy bills and run your home in a more sustainable way.

    You can determine the amount of clean green electricity and heating you can generate – from 10% to 100% of your household needs. That is worth thinking about and acting upon.

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    Why consider renewable technologies for your home?

    • Traditional energy prices continue to increase
    • Reduce your energy bills
    • The UK's harsher climate means you use more energy to heat your home
    • The UK's traditional houses can be hard to heat
    • The domestic sector is the single largest user of energy in the UK
    • 60% of domestic energy is used for space heating, 19% is used for lighting and appliances, 18% is used for water heating
    • Combining complementary renewable technologies can provide you with sustainable energy all year round
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