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What are Solar Roof Tiles?

installation of solar roof tiles

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Solar roof tiles are small modules or shingles that cover your roof space in the traditional sense.

The finished look is very aesthetically pleasing when compared with standard solar panels.

Making solar roof tiles the ideal option for homeowners considering going solar. But don’t want the eye soar of traditional solar panels on their roof space.

Also, solar roof Shingles are ideal for any homeowner in a protected or listed area where changes are not permitted.

If this is the case, or you just want to install solar roof tiles so that your roof space stays as natural looking as possible.

Then you should consider solar roof Shingles as an option.

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    In this article, we will cover the advantages of solar roof tiles and the cost and benefits to our environment and planet.

    Are Solar Roof Tiles worth it in 2023?

    In general Solar Panels are rising in popularity, and the demand for new and innovative solar products is in high demand.

    Solar Roof Shingles are definitely worth it for homeowners who would like to go solar to help reduce their carbon footprint, save money and do their bit to help save the planet.

    Solar Roof Tiles, or solar shingles as they are commonly known, are, in fact, more durable than traditional roof tiles.

    Which makes them the perfect investment for a multifunctional roof covering in today’s market.

    Plus, right now, in 2023, Solar Panel Funding is available in the UK right here.

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    We have many options available, including free Solar Roof Shingles and many more funding options depending on status and criteria needs being met.

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    Solar Panel Funding

    So how does Solar Panel Funding work?

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    Solar Panel Funding is not a government-backed scheme! Its unique funding system entirely funds it.

    Once the client has been assessed for the free solar panel grant, should they not qualify, we have a range of other options.

    including part solar panel funding.

    Or Solar Panel Funding LTD works very closely with a board of nationwide installers that all provide funding opportunities to help spread the cost of solar roof shingles or Solar panels.

    Upon speaking to the customer if we asserted that they do not qualify for a solar panel grant.

    We would discuss their suitability for one of the other funding options available.

    Providing the customer is happy to proceed. We will arrange a free, no-obligation home survey on the customer’s behalf with one of our trusted, high-quality installers that cover their postcode.

    Solar Panel Funding is then paid a fee for this referral.

    A portion of this referral fee is then entered into a fund.

    This fund is set aside so that we can provide the installation of free solar panels to those customers that qualify and meet the criteria requirements.

    This way, the customer can have a free no, obligation home survey and get all the facts and options available.

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    How Much can you save on energy bills with Solar Roof Tiles?

    chart representing the savings made by going solar with solar roof tiles

    Solar Roof Shingles can make a significant reduction in your energy bills.

    The exact amount is hard to predict as there are many factors to consider.

    For some homeowners, it is possible to power 100% of their homes with generated electricity.

    Whilst others may need to top up from the national grid.

    This can depend on many factors, such as the location of your property, the time of year and the system you have installed.

    Of course, it also depends on individual usage and the current situation, but clearly, savings are very achievable.

    Making Solar Roof Shingles very attractive in 2023.

    What are the advantages of Solar Roof Tiles?

    advantages of solar roof tiles

    Firstly Solar Roof Tiles are virtually invisible to the eye. This is probably the best attribute of this new technology.

    Solar Roof Shingles work the same way as traditional solar panels providing your household with clean, free energy.

    This means they are eligible for the same incentives as traditional solar panels. The government currently offers the Smart Export Scheme to homeowners with suitable solar installations.

    To find out more about the Smart Export Guarantee, follow the link here.

    Meaning you can sell any unused electricity back to the provider.

    Finally, Solar Roof Shingles are ideal for anyone building a new house. They can be purchased in many different styles and fitted by a roofer or solar installer.

    In recent studies, it has been claimed that a multifunctioning solar roof can also potentially add up to 10% extra value to your home.

    All of these benefits make Solar Roof Shingles a very attractive option for homeowners in 2023.

    Average costs of Solar Roof Tiles.

    Currently, the price of both solar panels and solar roof tiles has decreased, making both options more attractive to homeowners.

    reduced cost of going solar

    Solar roof Shingles are currently more expensive than traditional solar panels and are slightly less effective.

    This being said, the life span of solar tiles is much greater than that of solar panels.

    Solar tiles are more durable than their counterparts and, unlike solar panels, can with stand extreme weather, including hurricanes which can damage traditional solar panels.

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    Solar Roof Tile manufactures

    tesla solar roof tiles

    The list of solar roof tile manufacturers is extensive below is a list of the biggest and most popular. The list starts with Tesla; unlike solar panels, solar roof Shingles have a dual purpose.

    Firstly to provide energy and secondly to cover your roof space.

    This makes them the more expensive option, and Tesla is at the top of the list in price.

    Tesla estimates that their solar roof Shingles cost on average £17.00 per square foot, making them one of the most expensive but also most efficient on the market to date.

    There are, however, many alternatives, as some customers consider that Tesla is not exactly cheap.

    The most popular alternatives are as follows;

    Cheap: Ikea Solar Panels and Solar Roof Tiles

    Mid-range: Tonik Solar Panels or Solar Roof Tiles

    Premium: Tesla Solar Roof Tiles or Solar Panels

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    The Verdict! Are They Worth it?

    Here at Green Power Technology, we pride ourselves on being at the frontline to encourage all households to switch to renewable energies like solar power.

    With well over a million homes in the UK having solar renewable energy systems installed. This shows there is a huge demand from homeowners to go green and do their bit to save the planet. Whilst saving money in the process.

    So we believe in our opinion!

    If you choose a reputable company and pay a fair price, Solar Roof Shingles are a good investment in 2021.

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