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High energy bills are plaguing the country from top to bottom. Everyone wants to know how they can reduce energy consumption in the home. So should you get an air source heat pump? As it happens, you could lower your energy bills by using a heat pump.

You can also help reduce your environmental impact through an air source heat pump. 

If you don’t know what an air source heat pump is, then don’t worry. Everything will be explained to you in this blog post!

Many of you are probably wondering if this heat pump is worth buying, so we’ll also explain all the benefits that come with one. 

But first, what is an air source heat pump, and how does it work?

Air source heat pumps explained

Basically, this heat pump transfers heat taken from the outside air and moves it into your property.

It takes the heat and transfers it through your central heating system, where you get hot water and hot radiators. 

The concept is pretty much the same as a fridge. With your refrigerator, it takes heat from inside and disperses it outwards.

Here, the heat gets taken from outside your home and brought inside – where it’s put to good use. 

As of right now, there are two different types of air heat pumps you can choose from: 

What is an air-to-air heat pump?

Effectively, this is the basic model. Here, heat is absorbed through the pump, and it moves it into your home through various fans.

With this option, you won’t get heated water, and you aren’t affecting your central heating system. 

Airsource heat pumps

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Also, some air-to-air heat pumps can be used in the summer to cool your home as well.

However, these are a little bit more complex as they need to include a cooling system to turn the hot air cold before it goes through the fans. 

What is an air-to-water heat pump?

Your central heating system is full of pipes that carry liquid around your home to be heated.

With this heat pump option, the outside air is absorbed and transferred via your central heating system.

As a result, you can heat up radiators and get hot water from the pump as well. 

As you can see, air source heat pumps are a pretty innovative piece of technology. If you get your hands on one, then it will be a brilliant decision.

Why? Because owning a heat pump presents a range of advantages. 

The benefits of an air source heat pump

There’s a lot that you gain from having one of these heat pumps.

Some of the benefits are obvious, but others will shock you! 

Lower your carbon footprint

With a heat pump, you take hot air from outside your home, then convert it into energy for your property.

No fossil fuels are burned, which means you dramatically lower your carbon footprint.

You don’t need to turn your boiler on for hours on end, so your home becomes way more environmentally friendly. 

Save money on your energy bills

Clearly, a massive benefit of heat pumps is that they save lots of money. In fact, you’ll quickly earn the cost of installation back in savings throughout its lifespan.

When you have an air source heat pump, you don’t need to call on your boiler as often as you usually would.

Therefore, you don’t have to pay your energy provider as much money! 

More efficient at lower temperatures

Air source heat pumps are more efficient at delivering heat at lower temperatures than conventional boiler systems.

Therefore, this is beneficial when you have large radiators of underfloor heating systems. 

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With things like these, you need low-temperature heat to work over long periods. A regular boiler can’t do this efficiently.

As such, you end up wasting so much energy. But, with your heat pump, you have something that’s built perfectly for this function. 

Installation is easy

Heat pumps are much easier to install than a lot of other heating systems.  It can take two or three days max for an air source heat pump to be installed.

That’s all it takes, and there’s minimal disruption. So, in around 72 hours you can start reaping the other benefits of this fantastic technology. 

Get hot water when you need it

Another benefit of an air source heat pump is that it lets you choose how you use your hot water.

If you need it right away, then you can heat it instantly. This is perfect when you’re in a rush and need to shower before heading off to work.

Or, if you’re washing the dishes and need hot water, then you get it right away without needing your boiler to turn on. 

Extremely long lifespans

One of the reasons a heat pump is such a good investment is the lifespan of them.

If you keep up with regular maintenance, then you’ll have your heat pump for at least 20 years.

That’s such a long time – especially when you think about how much you’ll use it. 

Hardly any maintenance

You’ll be pleased to know that heat pumps come with very little maintenance. In fact, all you need to do is clean it every 3 or 4 months.

This task won’t be too tough, and it will probably only take around 15 minutes or so. 

Alongside this, they have to be serviced once a year by a qualified technician.

So, you’re looking at around 30-45 minutes of maintenance work per year, plus calling a technician once.

In short, they’re very easy to take care of!

Dual capabilities

There’s one thing many of you are thinking; won’t my heat pump be a waste in summer?

Yes, you get hot water, but you don’t need any central heating anyway.

So, for a couple of months it basically barely does anything, right? 


Air Source Heat Pump Quote

Wrong. As mentioned earlier, heat pumps have dual capabilities. They provide heat in the winter, but they can also be used as cooling systems in the summer.

Essentially, they function like an air conditioning unit when the sun is beating down on your home.

But, you don’t have to pay for separate air conditioning installation, and you still use renewable energy to cool your property. 

Huge Heat Pump Incentives

If all the benefits haven’t convinced you that an air source heat pump is worth it, then these incentives definitely will.

Currently, there are three schemes that you can take advantage of when you purchase a heat pump: 

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Obviously, buying a heat pump is a sizeable investment. Thus, you have to be 100% sure that you’ve found a trustworthy installer.

The company that fits your heat pump must do so to the highest standards possible. As a result, this guarantees your pump works efficiently and helps you see all the benefits. 

This is where the Microgeneration Certification Scheme comes in to help you. The MCS basically make sure that companies follow a set of standards.

As such, this means they will manufacture and install products to the absolute highest quality, every single time. 

So, when you’re looking to buy a heat pump, you can protect your investment by choosing a company that’s a member of the MCS.

This gives you confidence knowing that your heat pump will be built to last and free from any problems. 

Heat Pump installation

RHI – Earn money from your heat pump!

Perhaps the biggest reason to get an air source heat pump is the RHI. The Renewable Heat Incentive is a government programme that encourages people to use renewable heat in their home.

Primarily, you use technology that lets you reduce your carbon footprint and helps the UK reach renewable energy targets. 

An air source heat pump qualifies as a renewable energy source under this programme. As such, you can earn money from your heat pump.

When you’re on this scheme, you will get payments every quarter for seven years.

These payments are calculated based on how much clean heat your system has produced. 

You have to meet specific eligibility requirements – one of which is that your air source heat pump was installed by an MCS certified business!

There are applications online, so it’s worth filling in to see if you qualify. 

Then, every time you use your heat pump, you’re basically making money!

The Green Homes Grant

As of September 2020, homeowners and residential landlords looking to install energy efficient improvements to their property (such as an air source heat pump) can apply for a voucher through the Green Homes Grant scheme.

This grant can cover up to two thirds of the cost, up to £5000!

Summary: Should You Get An Air Source Heat Pump?

To summarise everything; you should definitely consider buying an air source heat pump for your property.

You will lower your energy bills, decrease your carbon footprint, and earn money through the RHI scheme! Plus, you get loads of extra benefits as well.

They won’t take up space inside your home as they’re installed outside, so what’s not to like? 

As the country moves towards renewable energy sources, you can get ahead of the trend by starting today.

If you’d like to see detailed quotes or information on any funding/grants for air source heat pumps, then contact us today.

At Green Power Technology, we’re the experts in renewable energy. We’ll help you find the best quotes so you can afford a top-class heat pump that suits your budget.