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Solar Panel Funding UK

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Options that are available with Solar Panel Funding

Option 1: Funded Free Solar Panels

Solar Panel Funding is standing up to help in the fight against fuel poverty in the UK.

We are pledging to provide qualifying homeowners with solar panels installed free of charge.

Households that qualify will have fully funded solar panels installed.

Subject to qualifying criteria being met and the levels of funding currently held for free solar panels.

Any income or savings generated by the system will be paid to the householder. Not Solar Panel Funding (This is not rent a roof or power purchase agreement)

This scheme is provided solely by Solar Panel Funding and is not available through any other supplier or vendor.

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Option 2: Solar Panel Part Funding Options

For applicants who do not qualify but still want to go green without the substantial installation costs.

Solar Panel Funding has put together a variety of funding options via our vast network of trusted installers

These funding options are not provided directly by Solar Panel Funding.

Once we have fully assessed your eligibility, you may be offered the opportunity to be transferred to one of our grid trade registered installers.

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Qualify Here For Free Solar Panels

qualify here for free solar panels

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Do you meet the criteria for free solar panel installation?

Solar panel funding offers assistance to our customers that fall into a specific qualifying criterion. They can then claim free solar panels.

Funding for this option is available on a first-come, first-served basis for as long as funds are available.

However all qualifying applicants will eventually be installed with free solar panels once funds become available.

Homeowners, Complete Our Easy Funding Checker to Find Out if You Qualify for Grants or Funding

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    To qualify for free solar panels, you must meet at least one of these criteria:

    • Over 70 years of age
    • A single parent
    • Living with a child below the age of 18 with a registered illness or disability

    The following criteria are mandatory For Free Solar Panels:

    • You must be the owner of the property where the panels are to be installed
    • Must have a household income of less than £10,000 per annum. Combined with an annual energy bill equal to or more than 10% of your total annual income.

    Solar panel funding reserves the right to amend these criteria at any time.

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    What will happen if I do not qualify for free solar panels?

    If you do not qualify for free solar panels, all is not lost.

    We still have many other funding options available to help you obtain your desired solar panel solutions.

    We can make a recommendation based on your circumstances.

    It is free of obligation and your choice to proceed with any available options.

    Government solar incentives

    There are currently five different types of government incentives on offer:

    • The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)
    • Feed In Tariff (FIT)
    • Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)(Solar Thermal only)
    • The Green Homes Grant (Solar Thermal only)
    • VAT Reduction

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    The Smart Export Guarantee

    The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) was introduced on the 1st of January 2020.

    The government currently only offer this incentive and only to homeowners for installing solar panels on their roofs.

    The SEG allows small-scale, low-carbon electricity generators. To receive payments from the surplus energy, they export back to the grid.

    This is not a direct government grant.

    However, all licensed energy suppliers must now offer an export tariff to all their customers.

    We recommend you shop around, as the amount paid by energy suppliers can vary widely.

    All homeowners with a regular solar panel system up to 5mw capacity are eligible under the SEG.

    It is mandatory for the household to be fitted with an intelligent electricity meter. To measure the exports.

    Most energy suppliers also offer a tariff. Energy is exported from solar battery storage systems as well.

    Making this incentive a tremendous green home improvement.

    the smart export guarantee combined with free solar panels

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    Feed-In Tariff (FIT)

    The Feed In Tariff was introduced back in 2010 and ran with much success for many years.

    Unfortunately, the FIT scheme was closed for new applications in 2019.

    Although any applicant that was on the register before 2019 can still benefit from this brilliant scheme

    Under this scheme, those who produce electricity via solar panels.

    Or wind turbines receive a certain amount of money for each unit or kilowatt per hour they produce.

    Plus, extra money for the electricity they sell back to the energy supplier.

    The payments last for 20 years from the date of registration.

    feed in tariff chart sign up with free solar panels

    Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

    If you are thinking of heating your home using solar thermal panels. You could benefit from the (RHI) scheme.

    Originally designed for the commercial sector.

    Since 2014 it has been available for domestic use.

    The (RHI) scheme is due to run until the 31st of March 2022 at least.

    The purpose of this scheme is to encourage homeowners to switch to renewable energy sources, like solar thermal panels for water heating, biomass boilers and many more.

    It provides support for seven years to owners of such systems through quarterly cash payments.

    The amount of which depends on the system installed and renewable energy produced.

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    The Green Homes Grant

    The Green Homes Grant provides homeowners and landlords in England. Between £5000-£10,000 in vouchers for green home improvements.

    Solar thermal panels for water heating are part of the grant, but solar PV is not.

    As part of the primary measures covered by the scheme.

    Click here to learn more about the Green Homes Grant.

    green homes grants scheme

    VAT Reduction

    Finally, the government are offering a VAT reduction of 5% on solar panel installations.

    Under the new VAT pricing system for energy-saving products.

    If you are 60 years of age. If you are claiming certain disability benefits, you could qualify for this tax reduction.

    The reduction can either apply to the whole product or just the installation costs.

    Read the government’s website here for full details.

    Does the UK Government Fund Free Solar Panels?

    The UK Government does not currently provide a scheme to install free solar panels to UK homeowners.

    Apart from the above-mentioned incentives.

    Solar Panel Funding stand-alone in its mission. We aim to provide UK homeowners with solar funding solutions and even the possibility to qualify for free solar panels.

    Please do not hesitate. Apply via our funding checker and take advantage of the fantastic funding options available today.

    Alternatively, you can also contact us via telephone if you would like to speed up the process.

    Call us on 0330 808 8801, and we will be happy to answer your renewable energy questions.