Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)-Green Power Technology
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Read our most common FAQs below and our efforts to best answer them for you.

What do we do ?

We help people just like you find competitive quotes for new solar PV, Double Glazing & Heat Pumps.
We have years of experience in all of these fields and when it comes down to knowing who the best installer is for your product we are the experts.
Due to our superior knowledge of this field, we’re very good at advising you with options that are the best for your home.

Who contacts me?

After completing our form a representative of our corresponding team will call you straight away and help find the best option for your home improvement.

How long does it take?

Someone from our team will call you almost straight away providing we’re open.
Our opening hours are Monday – Thursday 9:45-19:00 If you complete our contact form someone from our team will call you as soon as possible once we are open.

What is Grid Trade Solar

Grid trade solar is something new for 2021, and we’re really excited about it.

Check out our blog: Grid Trading

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