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Air Source Heat Pumps

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Going green is a great way to do your bit to help the planet, and air source heat pumps are a great way of going green.

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    You can save money on energy bills, and reduce your reliance on the National Grid by installing an air source heat pump today!

    What Is An Air Source Heat Pump And How Do They work?

    An Air Source Heat Pumps work by extracting naturally occurring heat from the air outside. It then compresses to form a high level heat, which is used to provide heat and hot water to your home.

    These heat pumps even work in temperatures as low as -25 °C!

    To encourage homeowners across the country to generate renewable energy, the Government set up a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

    The incentive is cash. Furthermore, using the free renewable energy from the outside air, an Air Source Heat Pump is a great alternative to your fossil fuel boiler.

    It provides you with a cleaner, greener way to heat your home.

    Air Source Heat Pumps are used in modern homes all across the UK.

    Not only are they a great way to help the environment, but they will also help you to reduce your reliance on the National Grid, and save on your energy bills!

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    What Types Of Air Source Heat Pumps Are There?

    When coming to choosing your Air Source Heat Pump, there are a few options:

    Air-to-air pumps are the more basic of the two options. They work by absorbing heat from the outside air, and moving it through your home with fans.

    These pumps do not heat your water, and won’t affect your central heating system. As well as heating your home in the winter, air-to-air pumps are also able to provide your home with cool air in the summer!

    This process is more complicated, and requires a cooling system to work.

    The other option to consider is air-to-water heat pumps. These are the most popular in the UK, and provide both hot water and warmth to your central heating.

    Your home’s central heating is made up of a network of pipes, and this type of air source heat pump sends heated water along these pipes to all over your house!

    Reasons To Get One For Your Home

    When considering renewable energy, it is important to think about the benefits it will have on both the environment, and your home.

    There are a number of great reasons for why you should install an air source heat pump for your property. One reason, for instance, is that it’s a renewable source of energy that works well if your house isn’t well situated for solar panels.

    These pumps can function at incredibly low temperatures, and are able to supply an unending source of heat. This also helps to make them ideal for all kinds of properties.

    Air source heat pumps run on electricity, though their energy output is greater than the energy they need to function. This allows them to become a great way of providing clean, green energy.

    These pumps also come with a wide spread of benefits for your home that can make your life more comfortable, and your energy bills cheaper.

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    Should You Get An Air Source Heat Pump?

    With high energy bills sweeping the nation, many people are looking to spend less.

    Switching over to an environmentally friendly source of energy could help you!

    An air source heat pump can help you to lower those pesky bills, and to do your bit for our planet.

    There are a number of benefits to getting one of these pumps, many of which can make a direct impact on your lifestyle.

    As well as benefits, there are also incentives (such as the RHI scheme and the MCS scheme).

    If you’re looking to decrease your carbon footprint, and potentially earn back money. Then an air source heat pump could be right for your home!

    One Of The Best Green Energy Choices

    Air source heat pumps are among some of the best choices for green energy, among solar panels and biomass boilers.

    While less common than solar panels, these pumps can be great for those looking to reduce their environmental impact and save money.

    With the introduction of the RHI scheme, there has never been a better time to get into green energy.

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