Are Solar Panels Worth It in 2020?

Are Solar Panels Worth It in 2020?-Green Power Technology
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Are Solar Panels Worth it in 2020?


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    So, are solar panels worth it in 2020?

    In short: Yes, solar panels are definitely worth it in 2020!

    The costs of utilities are only going to increase as times go on. Thankfully with the power of renewables, UK residents can take back their control and even potentially make money themselves by investing in solar panels. This is due to the decreasing cost of solar panels over the years, the increase in efficiency both for panels and batteries, and due to the Grid Trade Tariffs rolled out in 2019. If we could properly catch the sun’s light as it comes to earth, we could power the entire world for a year in just one minute. In a day we would have enough energy for the whole population around the world for 27 years.

    Cost of installing solar panels graph

    The sun is a huge resource that does not produce emissions or noise, and the tools necessary to catch it can be found right on your very roof. That being said, residential solar power is still not anywhere near that efficient. The average efficiency ranges between 7 – 20%, and even at best, the lifespan for these solar panels is 25 years. Does this mean that solar panels are not worth it? On the contrary, they are an excellent investment for your property if you intend to live there for the next few decades. Choosing the right panels and knowing how to make the most out of your solar panels, however, will make them well worth the investment.

    What Are Solar Panels?

    Solar panels absorb the photons out of sunlight to generate electricity. This means that they don’t need direct sunlight to work – a critical factor when you consider the generally cloudy weather that the UK experiences. The energy produced is then stored in batteries to be used in your home or can be set up to power specific systems, like a solar water heater. How Do Solar Panels Work?

    So, do you think solar panels are worth it in 2020?

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