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When it comes to solar power, there are a lot of questions to if it is facts or fiction. Of course there are scientific factors to consider, but you also have to consider the social and political reactions to the solar. So what’s fact and what’s fiction? Let us dispel several common solar power myths.

5 Solar Power Facts and Fictions

  • If you switch to solar power, you’ve got to sacrifice some modern conveniences. While it’s true that solar power can’t provide all the power you need for your home or business, you don’t have to give up modern conveniences. Solar power is simply meant to provide a large portion of the energy you need, but it cannot yet power everything in the average home.

  • If you don’t have a storage system for your solar power it’s lost. Most solar systems are set up to allow you to use some solar power and then whatever you don’t use is sent to the power company. This gives you credits which can be spent on the power you use at night. So power generated is not lost.

  • Solar panels just don’t look good on a building. In reality, the addition of solar panels will increase the value of the structure. This certainly indicates that there is value in having a solar system. In addition, many solar panel companies are working on more aesthetically pleasing designs that blend into the roof.

  • It’s more cost-effective to utilize fossil fuels to generate electricity. At this point in time, fossil fuel electricity is less expensive than solar power in many areas. However, investing in solar power now is like locking in today’s electricity rates for the next two decades or more. As the demand for energy rises and the cost of producing that energy goes up over the next few years we will gradually see solar power become more cost-effective. By investing in a solar system now, you’re able to get ahead of the curve and save money down the road. Much more than those who sit waiting to purchase their solar panel system.

  • Waiting to invest in solar power is smart. Currently, the government is offering rebates and tariff schemes for those who purchase a solar power system. However, in the UK we have already seen this tariff decrease. This means that those who purchased a solar power system when the tariff scheme was first offered save more money than those who purchase one now. It also means that we can’t expect the government to offer rewards for adding a solar power system forever. The longer you wait, the less your chances of being able to take advantage of government incentives for having a solar system installed at your home or business.


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Understanding the truth about solar power is the first step in being able to make a wise decision about whether you should have a system installed at your home or business. When you learn to spot the myths about solar power, it’s easy to see exactly why now is the time to invest in solar power.

Let the experts at Green Power Technology answer all of your questions about solar power. They’ll dispel any myths you’ve heard and help you understand how solar power works and why it’s beneficial for your home or business.

Green Power Technology is not connected to any particular brand of solar panel, so their recommendations are based on what’s best for your home or business rather than aligned to a particular brand. Call Green Power Technology today to book a site survey and find out how solar power can help you!