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If you like the idea of solar power energizing your home but are not quite ready to switch to solar energy, have a look around your home at all the other ways you can capture the heat of the sun and use it to bring warmth into your house.

Passive solar energy is the energy that you get from the sunlight that naturally fills your home through your windows. It does not require any tools or equipment. You can use this passive solar energy to your benefit. Try these tips to capture all the possible passive solar energy you can.

4 Tips to Use Passive Solar Energy

  1. Take advantage of natural sunlight through the changing seasons. To keep sunlight inside your home, make sure you your curtains are always pulled back during the day and blinks rolled up tightly.. Also remove any outdoor features that might block the sun, like awnings. When the sun begins to go down do close your curtains to help retain the heat indoors.
  2. Consider your wall materials. The type of material that your walls are made with will affect how much energy is absorbed from the sun. Tile, brick, and stone absorb more sunlight than drywall and darker colours absorb more heat than light reflective paint. The extra heat absorbed will radiate more heat to cooler areas of the house.
  3. Outdoor. If you have a garden, put cold frames over new plants to help them benefit from the rays of the sun and protect them from a cold snap. As the temperature rises, use the cold frames as solar food dryers.
  4. Dry your laundry. Hang your clothes out to dry, and let the sun do the work. Reducing your reliance on a tumbledryer can significantly cut down on the amount of electricity that you use each month and help in the fight against climate change.

UK house with new solar PV panels

The above are small steps to point out how we all have access to passive solar energy to power our homes. But when you feel ready to make the full switch to solar power for energy to your home, call Greenpower Technology.


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