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Most people feel like they spend too much of their money on bills and that’s perfectly understandable. If you’re someone who’s looking to reduce your monthly bill payments, the best way to do it is to take action and think about how you’re using your appliances and potentially wasting energy. Some changes could make all the difference and allow you to save quite a lot of money each month.

Your monthly expenditure is within your control to some extent and that’s something you can take advantage of. By looking for ways in which you can use your appliances better and generally use less energy around the home each month, it won’t be long before you’re feeling the financial benefit. And you can spend that extra money on things you’d much rather spend it on.

To help you get an idea of how all of this can be done, you should read on now. All the details and information you need is provided below alongside tips that you can start putting into practice in your home right away, so don’t miss out.

Change How You Use Your Refrigerator

American Style, Energy efficient Fridge

Your refrigerator can use up quite a lot of energy but it might be using more energy than it really needs to. That’s down to the fact that opening your fridge and taking time to see what you want to take out of it uses up more energy. When you open the door, the temperature inside the fridge rises, so when you close it, energy has to be used to lower it to the right level.

That’s why you need to change your habits in ways that make it so you have the fridge door open less over the course of each day. The best way to do that is to always know what you’re going to take out of the refrigerator before you open it.

Keep Your Microwave Clean to Keep it More Efficient

Energy Efficient Microwave

It’s very easy for your microwave to get dirty and messy, and this might not seem like much of a problem but it is. Most people don’t know it, but the performance of your microwave is linked to its cleanliness. When it’s clean, it’s more efficient, meaning it uses less energy.

So, one thing you should do to make your home efficient and in better shape is to clean your microwave. It’ll allow your microwave to perform in a much more efficient way whenever you need to use it, using less energy and reducing your monthly bills in the process.

Only Wash Your Dishes on a Full Load

Dishwasher being used in Eco Mode

Anyone who has a dishwasher in their home knows just how much of a difference they can make. Not having to waste time washing dishes is a huge relief and that can make it easy to rely a little too much on your dishwasher and potentially use it in inefficient ways.

The most important change you can make to how you use your dishwasher is only using it when it’s full. This simply means that you load it up throughout the day or maybe across a couple of days before you actually start it up. It’ll mean it spends less time in use and does its job much more efficiently. An interesting article can be found here on whether a dishwasher or washing up by hand is best. 

Lower Your Washing Machine Temperatures

Washing Machine Being Loaded

Washing your clothes at a high temperature is not always necessary; in fact, it’s very rarely necessary. Take a look at how you wash your clothes and at what temperature and ask yourself whether it might be a good idea for you to lower the temperature a little. It often makes a lot of sense to do so.

It’ll certainly save a lot of energy and make it easier for you to cut your monthly energy bills, and that’s what’s most important here. Give it a try and see how it works out for you. You might just find yourself surprised by the outcomes.

Replace your old windows

Conservatory with view of a Green Garden

By replacing your old windows with new, state-of-the-art Double Glazing you could save up to 30% a year on your energy bills. Double glazing is a much better insulator than it’s predecessors whilst being a lot more secure. Due to the extra strength of two, sturdy panes of glass Double Glazing offers real protection in your home. New Double Glazing can add value to your home but not only that it’s the enormous cost-cutting you will make on your energy bill. If your old windows and draughty or no longer close properly the heat is literally pouring out of your house, by getting the windows replaced will stop wasting that heat and ensure that your house stays extremely warm. For a Quote on New Double Glazing Click Here.

Use Your Dryer Carefully

Your dryer is most likely the appliance in your home that uses the most energy when in use. That’s why you should be a little more careful about how you use yours. Like your dishwasher, you should make sure you only use it when it’s full and being used to the maximum efficiency.

You should also question whether you really need to use your dryer so often. There are, of course, other drying methods that you can make the most of as well. In the summer months, you can hang clothes outside and dry them in the sun. It’s obviously a much more energy efficient way of drying clothes.

Switch to Energy Saving Bulbs

Lightbulbs being replaced with new eco bulbs

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to switch all the light bulbs in your house to energy saving bulbs. They’re a lot more energy efficient and some of them can last for decades without needing to be replaced. It’s not only good for your wallet, but it’s also a big time-saver for you too.

Making that switch to energy saving light bulbs isn’t exactly a difficult task. You can now find these light bulbs in lots of shops, and they’re not particularly expensive either. They cost a similar amount to the old bulbs you bought. So, now is certainly the right time to make this kind of change. If you’re looking for a beginners guide and more in-depth knowledge read this guide.

Try Not to Leave Appliances on Standby

This is one of those things that we’ve all been guilty of at one time or another. Leaving appliances on standby is the norm in many, if not most, households. It seems like an easy and convenient way to save time each day, but it’s also costing you money and wasting energy unnecessarily.

It doesn’t have to be that way. More of us need to get into the habit of switching appliances off and turning them on when we need to use them. It will save some energy and when you add up all the appliances that you leave on standby each day and each month, it’ll save you a decent amount of money.

Get Solar Panels

Country house with Solar PV Panels installed

By installing the latest Grid Trading Solar Panels you could save up to 70% on your electricity. New Solar Panels are very efficient and actually add value to a property. By getting Grid Trading Solar Panels installed your Solar can make money for you whilst you’re out of the house. They can also be set up in a way that if there were a mains power cut your power in the battery will be able to cover the critical load and keep selected appliances fully functioning during the power outage. This is especially helpful for appliances such as Lights, WI-FI, TV and heating. If you’d like to learn about how Solar Panels work, read our guide here.

Boil the Water You’re Going to Use

Energy Efficient kettle

Boiling water can expend a lot of energy and it’s something that you should be careful about. Many of us boil a kettle or boil some water on the hob and don’t really think about how much we’re boiling. But the amount of water you boil will decide how much energy is necessary.

That’s why you should try to only boil the amount of water that you actually need to use. If you end up boiling more than that, you’ll only cause yourself to end up with a bigger energy bill at the end of the month and that’s obviously not what you want.

When Cooking, Cover Pans and Pots

A lot of energy can be wasted when you’re carrying out basic daily tasks such as cooking. When you cook some pasta, for example, a lot of the heat that’s being produced will be lost straight out of the top of the pan. But that’s not the case if you cover the pans and pots that are in use.

By covering the pans and pots, you’ll be able to keep more of that heat locked in and being put to use where it’s actually needed rather than being simply lost into the air. It’s a small change but it’ll save some energy each time you make it.

Use the Natural Light

Bedroom letting in Natural Lighting

It’s also a good idea to think about how you use lights in your home. Do they really need to be on as often as they are in your home? There are many ways to change this, but it all comes down to turning them off when they’re not really needed; it’s not rocket science.

However, in practice, it’s not as simple as that. None of us wants to sit in a home that feels dimly lit. You should think about how you’re using natural light in your home because it’s entirely free and it can make a big difference to your home. Use lighter window dressings and plan the furniture layout to maximise the effectiveness of natural light. Read about Natural Light VS Artificial Light here

Take a Shower Instead of a Bath

Bathroom with a Free Standing Shower

Taking a shower instead of a bath makes a real difference to how much water you use. If you want to reduce your bills, you should use less water and the best way of doing that is by not taking as many baths and instead taking showers, which are much more efficient.

There’s no need to spend more money than is necessary on things like this, so if you have the choice to pick between a bath and a shower, you should always go for a shower if you want to save money on your bills.

Saving money on your energy bills can make a real difference to your family’s finances over the course of a year. By making changes that allow you to save a little each month, you’ll save a lot each year, and that’s something that just about every family can benefit from. So, be sure to make the most of the ideas and suggestions discussed above.