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When it comes to solar power, everyone wins. It may seem quite obvious that the agriculture industry benefits from solar panels but the benefits it does receive from this type of power go far beyond what anyone would normally think. The amount and intensity of sunlight in any area is used to figure out what types of crops would grow best there and the best time of the year to plant them.

So it’s obvious that farms are planted in areas that receive a lot of sunlight, which is also a requisite for getting the most energy out of a solar array.

The Agriculture Solar Panels Benefits Include:

  • Solar energy saves farmers money. Case studies indicate that dairy farmers could save up to 33 percent on their electric bills by converting to solar power. In addition, building a solar system now enables farmers to lock in current power rates because it gives them a way to generate some of their own energy. As the cost of energy continues to rise, farms that generate their own energy will become more and more important.
  • Easier to convert. Much of the red tape that has prevented farmers in the UK from pursuing solar power has been removed. Farmers no longer have to get permission to have a solar power system installed, it is much easier to design and install one now.
  • Incentives for farmer. There are a number of incentives that are designed to further benefit farmers who want to switch to solar power. For example, the government’s feed-in tariff scheme makes it possible to sell extra power back to the grid, which enables farmers to earn a little extra money. Also Barclays Bank has created a fund of £ 100 million to help farmers set up their solar systems. The bank decided to do this after a survey indicated that about a third of farmers wanted to find a way to create renewable energy at their farms. In addition, 80 percent of farmers understood that they could save money on the cost of energy, while 60 percent of them saw solar power as an extra way to make some more income.

Solar Panel Installation by professionals

  • Solar powered farm equipment can become a reality. Many companies offer solar-powered tractors and other farm equipment that’s powered by the sun. Farmers who are already harness the power of the sun in their farm operations will appreciate equipment that is also powered by solar energy.
  • It becomes possible for farmers to get off the electrical grid. Farms are located rurally in the main and it’s even more beneficial for those who live outside the city to get off the grid. Management of electricity becomes much easier when it is handled on-site through the power of the sun rather than far away in the city.
  • Irrigation becomes much easier. Where there’s solar power, remote water pumping becomes a possibility because it enables farmers to bring the energy to the equipment. No longer are they tied down by electrical wires. Now all they need is a few solar panels to power their pumps remotely.

Let the experts at Green Power Technology show you why solar power is so beneficial to the agriculture industry. We offer photovoltaic solar panels for farms.  The company is an independent installer of solar panels, so you can rest assured that they will recommend the system that truly is right for you rather than the one that benefits them because it is a certain brand.

Green Power Technology will do a complete site survey to determine if solar power really can benefit you. Call us today to find out more.

Industrial solar panels on an industrial building in the UK