Solar PV panels


Greenpower Technology is a well-established, specialist solar power systems installer based in Edinburgh. Many commercial solar installations have been successfully completed on agricultural buildings, commercial buildings and new housing developments. These have ranged in size from 0.5 to 500kW and are located throughout Scotland and Northern England.

Solar power installations for commercial properties by Greenpower Technology, Edinburgh

Solar PV Panels

Solar power from photovoltaic (PV) panels can provide energy for heating, refrigeration and lighting, all much needed by farms and businesses. PV solar works all year round – even when the sun isn’t shining! This is why it does work in Scotland’s cloudy skies.

PV solar panels provide a good return on your investment, through savings on your electricity bills and the government backed Feed-In Tariff (FIT). FITs are linked to inflation and guaranteed for 20 years.

Commercial Solar Power Installation

Every business, farm and organisation is unique. Each will have its own electricity needs and buildings will have different levels of suitability for solar panels. At Greenpower Technology we:

  • Meet with every client and discuss their electricity requirements.
  • If requested by the client, we design a bespoke solar power system. Our design will provide the best benefits for their farm or business, taking into account their budget.
  • Once the design has been agreed and installation is ready to take place we liaise with the client on the timing of the work. We will keep any interruptions to everyday business to an absolute minimum.

On new build properties we work closely with developers. This ensures smooth running of our installations on site and keeps any disruption to a minimum. We will:

  • Organise preliminary site meetings with the developer and client
  • Provide health and safety requirements
  • Provide method statements
  • Liaise with our client regarding the timing of the PV installation

On all our PV installations, our installation team which includes qualified roofers and electricians, work closely with the office team to ensure a streamlined running of all operations from start to finish.

Why not contact Greenpower Technology for further information. We can arrange a site visit to ascertain the best sized tailor-made system for your needs and provide a fully inclusive quotation, showing estimated returns and savings.

Should you be considering solar panels for your home we have more information on our domestic solar pages.


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