Benefits of LED Lighting in Farming

Posted on June 20, 2017 in ,

Even if we don’t know all the reasons why, most people now know that switching to LED lighting in your home is beneficial. Most people can cite that it will save them money on their electricity bill.

But do you know why it is worthwhile changing to LED lights on your farm?

Agricultural lighting UK - poultry shed

LED Benefits

  1. Reduced Electricity Bill
  2. We will start with the most obvious. Changing to LED lighting in your farm buildings and exterior lights will reduce your electricity bill. The reduction in lighting costs can be as much as 80% depending on your current lights.

  3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  4. Being a farmer you will care about the environment so doing anything that can reduce your carbon footprint is the right thing to do. It is even better when it also saves your money. LEDs use low energy and are long lasting.

  5. Long Lasting
  6. Unlike conventional bulbs, LEDs can last for years. This means you won’t be constantly replacing bulbs (costly), or find yourself in a dark milking shed at 4am in a cold December morning. At Greenpower Technology, we supply Greengage specialist agricultural lights that have a rated life of 60,000 hours (over 6 years).

  7. Environmentally Friendly
  8. LEDs contain no mercury or other toxic chemicals and are 100% recyclable. Manufacturing materials and production energy are reduced dramatically due to their long lifespan.

    Agricultural LED Benefits

    So far, all these benefits also apply to homes and other business premises. The following benefits are specific to farms and farmers.

  9. Low Heat
  10. LEDs emit far less heat than conventional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. This is much healthier for your animals and may alleviate the need to use fans in your barns and animal sheds.

  11. Poultry – Increased Productivity
  12. Poultry see incandescent bulbs as barcodes which is not very pleasant for them. With agricultural LED lamps, the light is evenly distributed and dimmable. It is a more natural light for your poultry. This results in increased productivity and reduced mortality.

  13. Dairy – Increased Production
  14. Studies by the Oklahoma State University on the use of LEDs in dairy sheds demonstrated that when fluorescent lights were swapped for LEDs, dairy production actually increased by 6%!

  15. Horticulture – Increased Plant Growth
  16. ALIS Lamp Greengage EdinburghLEDs can stimulate plant growth by up to 40%.

  17. Temperature Tolerant
  18. LEDs can operate as normal in very hot or cold temperatures.

  19. Easy to Use & Maintain
  20. Greengage’s clip on system reduces installation and maintenance time. They also provide controllers that offer quick and easy lighting programmes.

Greenpower Technology are approved distributors of Greengage agricultural lighting. To add to the previous benefits, their ALIS LED lights are humidity, dust and shatter proof. Their lights are made to withstand farm life.

We can supply and fit agricultural lighting on farms throughout Scotland and the North of England. If you would like further information, or to find out how LEDs can benefit your farm, please get in touch.