Solar PV panels

Solar PV Panels for Scotland and Northern England

Edinburgh Home with Solar PV installation by Greenpower Technology

Sunlight is free!  And solar panels provide clean renewable solar electricity for your home.  We expertly install solar PV panels in homes in  all of Scotland and Northern England.

The advantages of installing our solar photovoltaic panels for your home are that:

  • you will cut your electricity bills
  • they work all over the UK and Scotland – only daylight is needed, not sunshine – they even work on cloudy days
  • they are quick and easy to install
  • they make no noise
  • you will reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and lower your carbon footprint
  • our solar PV systems are designed to meet your specific requirements, backed up with our 2 year system guarantee.

How do solar PV panels work?

Diagram of how solar pv works in your home

Solar PV panels convert the sun’s energy into solar electricity.  The PV panels don’t need direct sunlight to work – they can still generate some electricity on a cloudy day. The system then powers the electricity for the property and exports excess electricity to the national grid.

The cost of installing domestic solar panels has come down in recent years and will depend on the type of panels, size and location. Size and location of your solar PV system will also determine the amount of clean green solar electricity you can generate.

Maximise the effectiveness of your solar panels with a water heating system

If you already have solar PV panels installed, you can maximise their benefit with a water heating system.  This system allows you to divert any excess electricity generation into water heating.  The system monitors the electricity which is about to be exported to the grid.   It automatically directs any excess generated electricity, not used in the home, to the immersion heater in the hot water cylinder, to heat your water.

Have a look at our case studies to see how other customers have benefited or see how solar panels can help you save money.



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