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Biomass Heating Scotland and Northern England

Wood logs for Biomass heating Scotland homes


Greenpower Technology provides expert installation of biomass heating – boilers and stoves for homes throughout Scotland and Northern England. Biomass boilers and stoves are a popular choice for homeowners who switch to renewable technologies to save money on energy bills as well as reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

Large domestic biomass systems are certainly worth investigating if you live in a rural house and have space.  And if you are off-grid too, biomass provides a reliable, sustainable heating source for your home.  Smallholdings and community groups should also consider biomass heating as an option.

Financial savings for homes with biomass heating 

For a biomass boiler the financial savings you may enjoy depend upon the heating system you are replacing.

Homeowners installing biomass heating systems can enjoy a financial incentive from the government for generating their own heat energy. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) provides eligible homeowners with payments for generating their own heat.


Biomass boilers and stoves produce very little ash compared to log fires.  Wood fuelled boilers, stoves and room heaters should be kept clean and swept regularly to remove ash.  Annual safety and maintenance is required for biomass systems including sweeping the chimney and flue pipe.

How do biomass systems work?

Diagram of how a Biomass boiler home system works

The most commonly used biomass system is wood fuelled heating, which usually burn wood pellets, chips or logs, to provide warmth in a single room (using a stove) or to power central heating and hot water (using a boiler).

The main benefit of a biomass system is that it is flexible – it can be used to generate space and water heating at any time.  A biomass system can be developed and installed anywhere  – whether you already have an existing heating system or not.  Biomass is particularly attractive for homeowners who are currently using oil or bottled gas (LPG).

Have a look at our case studies to see how other customers have benefited or find out more about how biomass heating systems can save your business money too.

Biomass Boiler Servicing

We offer biomass boiler servicing throughout Scotland and Northern England. We service all types of biomass boilers and offer a range of servicing contracts to suit all budgets.


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