Clean, Green Home Renewable Energy Systems and Electrical Services

Greenpower Technology is a renewable energy and electrical services company based in Edinburgh, serving the whole of Scotland and Northern England. We can help you reduce your energy bills and run your home in a more sustainable way whether you live in Newcastle, Glasgow or Inverness.

You can determine the amount of clean green electricity and heating you can generate – from 10% to 100% of your household needs. That is worth thinking about and acting upon.

Why consider renewable technologies for your home?

  • Traditional energy prices continue to increase
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Scotland’s and Northern England’s harsher climate means you use more energy to heat your home
  • Scotland’s and Northern England’s traditional houses can be hard to heat
  • The domestic sector is the single largest user of energy in Scotland
  • 60% of domestic energy is used for space heating, 19% is used for lighting and appliances, 18% is used for water heating
  • Combining complementary renewable technologies can provide you with sustainable energy all year round

Interested? Then Greenpower Technology can help. We offer a range of renewable technologies for the home and advice on how best to maximise their effectiveness.

Our energy efficient technologies

Solar PV panels

Solar PV

Uses sunlight and solar panels to generate clean renewable solar electricity for your home

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Electrical contractor icon for Greenpower Technology

Electrical contracting

We offer a wide range of electrical contracting services

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Biomass renewable energy


Flexible generation of power for space and water heating, providing a good return on your investment

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Air Source Heat pump icon for Greenpower Technology

Air Source Heat Pump

Installed on the outside of your property, these help you to reduce your space heating costs at home

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