CHP - combined heat and power systems by Greenpower Technology


Combined Heat & Power Electricity Generation

A CHP boiler is ideal for businesses that have a constant, high demand for power and heat.  Although, these boilers are quite new in the UK they have been used successfully in Europe for many years.  A CHP boiler burns wood chips to generate electricity.  It also captures the heat from this process (that would normally be wasted), to provide thermal energy for heating.

Not only are these boilers energy-efficient and will reduce your energy costs but they are backed by the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.  This means that by installing a biomass CHP boiler you will be eligible to receive quarterly payments for 20 years based on the amount of heat generated.

Greenpower Technology has partnered with a number of high quality CHP manufacturers.  We can install units that produce from 100KW to 10MW for businesses located in Scotland or the Northern parts of England such as Northumberland and Cumbria.


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