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Biomass Boiler Servicing in Scotland and Northern England

Greenpower Technology is one of the most experienced installers of biomass heating in Scotland and Northern England. As well as installation, we also offer biomass boiler servicing and maintenance.  If your installer is unable to offer you servicing or you are looking for a reputable renewable technologies company then please get in touch today.
Biomass boiler servicing

Biomass Boiler Servicing and Maintenance

Biomass boilers are complex and differ from conventional boilers, so they require skilled engineers to service and maintain them in order to work efficiently.  In addition a correctly serviced boiler should ensure you are maximising your RHI payments.  At Greenpower Technology our head biomass engineer has over 10 years’ experience of biomass boilers that burn chips, pellets and logs.

At Greenpower we also believe that a good customer relationship is essential to ensure that we are providing our customers with exceptional service. Unlike other companies, we allocate a dedicated engineering service team for your individual site. This team will plan and execute all site works to ensure continuity of service.

Summer Service

Summer is an ideal time for a full service.  The boiler will need to be switched off for 12 hours prior to the service.  Work includes:

  • Primary & Secondary air cleaned and operation checked
  • Burn chamber cleaned and inspected
  • Heat exchanger cleaned and inspected
  • Feed system cleaned and inspected
  • Motors, gears, chains, seals and bearing inspected and greased as required
  • Burn Back Protection and safety systems inspected
  • Inspection and test of ignition system
  • Electrical inspection including control panel
  • Flue gas analysis to show efficiency of boiler

After the service a report will be issued and any remedial work required will be highlighted.

Winter Service

A winter service is carried out without the need to turn the boiler off and includes:

  • A visual inspection of the boiler
  • Motors, gears, chains, seals and bearing inspected and greased as required
  • Flue gas analysis to show efficiency of boiler

After the service a report will be issued and any remedial work required will be highlighted.

Call outs

We offer a call out service and can attended within 24 hours, please call us for costs.

Greenpower Technology Service & Maintenance Plans for Biomass Boilers

Greenpower offer the following service plans:

    biomass boiler by Greenpower Technology

  • Bronze
  • Includes a summer service.

  • Silver
  • Includes a summer and winter service.

  • Gold
  • Annual service and maintenance package including a summer and winter service plus priority call out for two breakdowns a year covering labour only.

  • Platinum
  • Annual service and maintenance package including both summer and winter service plus up to 6 callouts and unlimited telephone and internet support.

All annual packages subject to a site inspection prior to contract start.

If you would like to discuss prices for a servicing and maintenance contract with us, then please get in touch.

RHI Appraisal Service

Not making your anticipated return on your capital investment?

Greenpower Technology also offer a full extensive (Renewable Heat Incentive) RHI appraisal of your existing biomass heating installation. We will identify where efficiencies can be made and where system parameters can be altered to ensure maximum performance of your heating installation. This service comprises a series of onsite testing and commissioning works to optimise boiler plant output and actual heat distribution. Work content includes physical testing and result recording of the following system components:

  • Actual boiler plant combustion, performance and output
  • Actual connected flue system performance
  • Control parameter settings performance
  • Actual hydraulic flow rates through heat distribution pipework and emitters
  • Actual performance and settings of distribution pumps and control valves

On completion of these investigatory works our specialist engineers will produce a comprehensive assessment of the system performances and make the necessary adjustments to the existing system controls and parameters to ensure optimum output and efficiency. We will also advise if further efficiencies can be made by additional remedial works. For prices please contact us.


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