Biomass renewable energy

Grain and Wood Chip Drying

At Greenpower Technology we provide solutions to reduce energy costs on farms. Integrating an environmentally friendly, biomass boiler with your existing floor dryer or continuous flow dryer will reduce your farm energy costs.

Not only is a biomass boiler cheaper to run than oil or electricity but it will also generate an income from the commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

Renewable Energy Drying Solutions

We have successfully integrated both 500kW and 1MW biomass boilers with existing operational drying systems.

The 1MW biomass boiler was integrated with a Cimbria continuous flow dryer, using 6 duplex Cimbria heat exchangers. During the design and build we were careful not to restrict the airflow and therefore the speed of the original dryer. Our 1MW system is raising the ambient temperature return by 52 degrees, significantly reducing fuel costs and seeing RHI payments of £1.9M over 20 years.

The 500kW boiler is connected to two drying floors that will dry cereals and wood chip. Our engineer has designed this system to integrate with the existing heaters and controls.


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