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District Heating

What is District Heating?

District heating is the term used when 1 boiler heats a number of properties. This type of heating is used for both commercial and domestic properties. Some common applications are community schemes for several houses, groups of care homes or self-catering properties.

Greenpower Technology Biomass for district heating

Benefits of District Heating

  1. Intallation Costs
  2. A district heating installation can range from 2 properties to any number. The cost per property of installation decreases as the size of the installation increases.

  3. Maintenance & Servicing Costs
  4. As only 1 boiler needs to be maintained and serviced, the costs per property are much smaller than individual heating systems.

  5. Environmental
  6. At Greenpower Technology, we install biomass district heating that is environmentally friendly.

  7. Income
  8. Biomass District Heating is eligible for the commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) when more than one property is served (more than one Council Tax account).

  9. Running Costs
  10. Running costs of district heating systems can vary, however as we install a biomass boiler it is cheaper to run than fossil fuels such as oil.

Greenpower Technology’s District Heating Systems

We install biomass district heating systems throughout Scotland and the North of England. We believe biomass will provide you with the most benefits and it meets our green energy credentials. Biomass is particularly effective in rural areas where conventional energy source options are costly and limited.

Our staff are experienced in the design and installation of biomass boilers, the pipework and gaining consents for district heating projects. A heat meter is installed in individual homes or properties, enabling the monitoring of energy use for the residents.

If you would like to find out more about District Heating and how it can benefit your business or community project, then please get in touch.


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