agricultural lighting by Greenpower Technology

Agricultural Lighting

Specialist LED Lighting for Farms in Scotland & North England

Greenpower Technology are installers and suppliers of the Greengage range of specialist agricultural lighting. Evenly distributed LED ALIS lighting improves your livestock productivity and reduces your costs.

Greengage agricultural lighting for farms in Scotland

The ALIS lighting system is ideal for pig and poultry units. The lights provide cost savings over conventional lights as LED uses less power and the lights operate at a spectrum to encourage animal growth.  The correct lighting design can have a substantial benefit to the quality of the litter in poultry units.

LED ALIS lighting system which is ideal for pig and poultry units

Benefits of Greengage ALIS LED lamps

  • Energy Efficient – superior lighting that uses less energy
  • Fully dimmable lights with no flicker
  • Lighting control with programmable controllers
  • IP65 rating
  • Reliable – Rated life of 60,000 hours or over 6 years

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