Run your business for less with renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions

Greenpower Technology specialises in renewable energy installations, and money saving heating and electrical solutions. We are based in Edinburgh and operate throughout Scotland and the Northern parts of England such as Northumberland and Cumbria. We can help your agricultural, commercial or industrial business to save money by installing cost-effective and up-to-date agricultural products, renewable energy technologies and electrical systems. These can meet your power, heating and lighting requirements in farm buildings, warehouses, office blocks and more.


Our energy efficient technologies

Biomass renewable energy


Burns logs, wood chips or wood pellets to provide heating

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CHP - combined heat and power systems by Greenpower Technology


Combined heat and power for cost effective heat and light from one source

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Solar PV panels

Solar PV

Uses sunlight to generate clean renewable solar electricity from solar photovoltaic panels

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agricultural lighting by Greenpower Technology

Agricultural Lighting

Controlled and waterproof lighting systems for livestock producers to save money and increase productivity

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tractor icon for Greenpower Technology's agricultural services


We are agents for JF McKenna and supply products by Fancom, Chore-time, Lubing, Collinson and more. We also supply and install Multiheaters which provide optimum heating and ventilation for sheds with their natural circulation of warm air.

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Electrical contractor icon for Greenpower Technology

Electrical contracting

Specialist contractors with up-to-date solutions for both domestic and commercial customers

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Air Source Heat pump icon for Greenpower Technology

Air Source Heat Pump

Uses latent heat from the air to provide heating

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Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal panels use the sun to heat your water

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